Is she faithful?

Ive strong suspicions my girlfriend is cheating I would like some advice recently some guy has been texting her a lot flirting & wanting to have sex with her I messaged him a few days later & he claimed to have had it with her at his house he knew stuff like where her tattoos where & how her pubic hair looked she was quiet that day & didn't answer my calls till 6 when he said he paid for a cab she denied it &now some other guy whose her good mate wants to have her as well & send him a pic Of her t*ts this guys been dropping her off as well she says they're close mates & had sex before she met me I just don't know what to do?


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  • This is all really crazy. YES she seems to be absolutely 100% unfaithful. You shouldn't put up with that, unless you don't care that she is doing this to you.

  • the writing is on the wall. dump her. if you don't, you are an idiot.


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