Good place for a first date?

wheres the best place for a first date besides the movies? and if me and him were to go to a movie what are some ideas of what else that we could do before or after?


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  • i agree with LilPinkGirl but not on where to go, id recommend a restaurant, you two can talk about yourselves and get to know each other a little more. if you live next to a beach, just hang out there, bring some food and whatever.

    • we know each other very well, were close, but it couldn't hurt I guess, sadly I don't live next to a beach and I live in an area that's never really warm until summer but thanks for the opinion about the movie thing, I wasn't sure if that were a good thing to do or not because me and him also want to do some other stuff other than that.

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  • movies ARENT a good place for a first date. you have almost no conversation! all you do is sit there and watch the need to go somewhere where you interact with one another verbally...hmm...maybe mini golf? or go karting ? bowling?

    • thats true but I wondering other than the movie because me and him want to do other stuff too, but thanks so much for the other ideas I really like those!