Texting after the first date?

I had my first date with this guy yesterday. He's the one who texted me first after we exchanged numbers but I'm the one who suggested we do something. I'm not sure if I should wait for him to text me (because I'm not 100% sure he will since guys don't really think about texting much) or if I should text him to thank him for everything from the night before (I'm pretty sure I thanked him but I can't remember if I did before he dropped me off). I don't want to seem annoying, because I've had to start the conversations before the date, although he did continue it after that. Any suggestions?


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  • I know it's beem several days but I saw this was unanswered. You may have text him by now, butI think it would be a good choice to try to text him and thank him, even if it is several days later. If he talks back then good! Maybe you can go on another date! But if he doesn't say anything, then move on to another. But I hope it works for ya!

  • Guys don't think about texting much? Haha I've had some guys text me every day for weeks on end lol