Will he ever get in touch??

Had a great first date with this guy last weekend after which he asked me to text him later in the day but instead he had already text me within an hour. Texted for a while and then I asked him if he wanted to meet up the following weekend at some point for another date! He hasn't replied (and this was on Sunday). He is in the army, so not always able to be in touch, but I am maybe making excuses!

He is quite a shy guy and I am very outgoing. Do you think he will ever be in touch? Or do I just need to move on...?


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  • i think he will be in touch just wait ;)

    • Haha! Why such confidence? I love it though :-)

    • The thing is he is in the army, which means he's gonna be real busy, it's not like he can just pop outside for a quick moment.

    • Well...you were all correct, he was indeed in touch ;-) YAY


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  • There are many reasons for not answering, loss of phone, in an area without signal etc. etc. Plus the army has first call on him and it's not like he can just stop and make a quick call to you.

    Sit tight, army guys are very resourceful and even if he has lost your number or his phone he can find you again if you want to be found.


What Girls Said 2

  • If a man is interested nothing will keep him away. It's only been one date so chill. You don' tknow what else is going on in his life so just life your life as usual. You already communicated with him so he got your message. Now the ball is in his court. If he's interested in a 2nd date he'll call. Until then don't be waiting by the phone. Do you.

  • I agree, he'll be in touch

    • Gawd, I love people's confidence on here! Thank you, wish I had the confidence :-)