Dating a guy with kids? Opinons?

I met this really cute guy and we've Bern talking for the past couple days. Turns out he's 27 (but he looks like 23!) and I'm 19. And he has two kids... And still lives in the same house with the kids mom...idk if I wana date this guy because of that but he's so damn fine! Lol what do you think ?


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  • BIG MISTAKE girl. this guy has got some serious baggage and you're way too young to be involved with that. firstly he's too old and secondly what is he doing chatting to you while still staying with the kids' mom? that's just not right. and the age gap is way big so you guys are going to be wanting different things from life. my advice: let him go after all there are plenty of fish in the sea:)


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  • It's going to be awkward at some point! What's his relationship like with his ex?.. you need to know this, he lives with her :)

    • Well they're been broken up for a while they both go they're separate ways but just live together because he don't have a place to stay.

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    • I don't like the fact that he has kids, that's the thing I'm not looking for anything serious I just wana have fun, but I think he is. I don't mind messing around with him but I don't want him to think it's serious you know

    • You may become attatched! He's an older, more responsible, matured man with good looks :)...

      Or would that be something that you wouldn't like in a man? You just want sex with a hot guy? ;) ? Make sure he knows this first lol. He may be willing to give you what you want haha

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  • i wouldn't be OK with that at all

  • Well since they still live together and everything, maybe you don't want to get involved because they could possibly just go back to falling in love with each other plus with you there, it might just make it seem like you're playing the devil's advocate trying to tear their family apart, not that you are doing that ofcourse but you are more than likely going in aid it destroying the family than putting it together if you know what I mean.

    • Well they've been separated for a year and he has been dating other girls. He just broke up with his ex. But still I feel uncomfortable with the fact that he lives with his ex wife,