Dated a new girl and been afraid of getting hurt again?

Have you ever

been hurt by a girlfriend (caught her cheating etc)

and broken up with her

and than dated a new girl and been afraid of getting hurt again ?

so you push that one away ? and hurt her , before she hurt you ?

have you regretted doing that? did you apologize etc?

thanks :)


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  • When I broke up with my last girlfriend (ended on bad terms) she told me I was "small" and went around spreading a rumor to all her friends. That's how I ended up on this site in the first place (and no I've never asked a stupid question about my penis). Since then I've been feeling really insecure and have not let any girl get close to me because I'm afraid of what she will think. Even though I've been told size doesn't matter (it does to me) I never believe it. I know the next girl doesn't deserve someone with the mind set that they will never be good enough for her so I push them away or turn down anything sexually related. I've never explained why I do that because frankly no girl want to hear a body image problem a guy has, they will assume he has no confidence even though that's not true.

    • awww, no offense but that your ex is a bitch.

      you shouldn't be scared, girls are nicer than you think.

    • None taken, I hate her guts. And I know I shouldn't feel this way but you never know who somebody really is when you meet them and I don't want to go through this again. I know girls like bigger ones, but I guess I just need some time to accept how I was born because it doesn't change who I am.


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  • You should not be dating anyone of your own gender in the first place.

    • well smart ass..this is a question for guys who date girls

    • Yes, a girlfriend did once cheat on me. After a long talk, we stayed together. So I have not had that experience of breaking up with a girl because she cheated. She got a second chance from me. However, yes, I would tend to be a little wary of being hurt from being again cheated on by the next girl. Such a fear would make me more intent on being the best boyfriend that the next girl would not want to cheat.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I never got the chance to apologize.

    Looking back, the first girl was a loon. The second girl was awesome.

    But I took out the first girl's problems on the second girl. I look back now, and see how stupid that was. Instead of taking each girl on their merits, I had to create something they had to fit into.

    I should have broke up with the first girl in a month -- and never broke up with the second.

    I only hope I have learned my lesson. Pretty painful.

  • r you a girl or a guy?

  • i have always been in bad relationships where I'v been hurt and cheated on. and yes it has effected me. the relationship I am in now has been the first that I have not been hurt or cheated on and we have been together for 2 and a half years. and yes at first with her, I was scared to get really close. because of what had happened to me in all my previous relationships. I didn't push her away but I was very cautious about my feelings. and even after two years with her I still worry about her cheating and hurting me. its something that will stay with me for life because of what has happened to me in my previous relationships. and I really wish people would think about that before they cheat. that it will effect the person for life. and make that person have issues in expressing themselves to other people.

    sorry for the long answer and hope this helps


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  • Some women are bitches and guys love that. I've been single my whole life, and I've finally met a great guy. But, he won't be exclusive with me because he was hurt. He wants to take things slow and get to know me better. I'm not the same girl, but no matter what I do or say it won't change how he thinks and feels. Whoever she was, she ruined it for me. SO, my advice would be to just give a girl a chance. Don't give it everything, but don't completely push her away. She could end up being a really great girl.

  • I had a guy like that. he was cheated on and I didn't realize it and he treated me poorly, no respect and I did not deserve it. I really hated him after that and have not forgotten and neither forgiven him. it's been several years. I would hope he'd have some remorse and soul to understand that it ain't right to hurt another after you've been hurt. cheaters or abusers in relationships is never justified no matter what that individual's past was.