How can I get her to like me for sure?

There is this girl that I really like. She kinda will flirt back with me on some days but not on others. We usually don't see each other that often, but if we do I always say hi. We didn't ever really text, but I have started texting her. She never seems that excited when she is texting, but I know that I could get her to like me eventually. Any help regarding text flirting and real life flirting would be awesome!


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  • Text flirting is hard because it doesn't show emotion. Its mainly to get the message across. You have to be innovative to place emotion involved. like when you hear girls say "Omg" Oh my god, were accustomed to know that the girl is excited when you read that. You see people also placing smiley faces on a text :-) or a wink ;-) it may seem childish but it demonstrates emotions. if you use a statement like this "i saw a a odd car today" < sounds boring. but if you think outside the box and try " lol (laugh out loud) I saw this lime green car today and there was an old lady driving it, it was tooo funny lol :-)). that changes the statement totally

    as for engaging women or girls you have to be confident. Practice with other females before you try with the girl you like. just make sure the girl you like isn't seeing this she prob would get jealous mainly because she doesn't understand what is going on. << this has to be done correctly so seek advice

    why else do the pretty girls go 4 the dumb jocks -confidence-


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  • just take it a step at a time. talk about similar interests. :) just talk to each other when you can or add her on Facebook.

  • Dont go overboard with flirting. When people try too hard at flirting it just seems sleezy.


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