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I want to date an 18 year old.

I'm a 34 year old man, single and all I want to do is date an 18 or 19 year old girl. I honestly only find that age group attractive and find women... Show More

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  • What ever makes you happy right, it may be tough but possible. My friends 19 y/o sister is going out with a guy in the same situation as you except he's 54. No money, and balding he got it done.

    She's pretty average, but he got it done.

    Good luck bro

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  • Hmm I guess everyone has their own choice in the matter. Whatev works for ya, go for it.

  • i was 18 when I got with my boyfriend I'm 19 now he's 44

    • Is he rich?

    • nope.He doesn't really have a lot atm.

  • I'm sorry to say (actually I'm not) you are a creep. Women in their thirties are very beautiful too, why do you say they are all hideous (you're being an ageist)? Your preference in younger girls creep me out. I recently turned 18 and for a few years now I've become what you called a neon sign for older men and if I see you in the streets, I will run and probably call the police. Just being honest here.

  • dude come on, that's not a cool question to post.

  • hahaha good luck with that :p

  • Nothing.

  • I'm 21 years old and I'd date a 30-35 year old man if I thought he was attractive.

  • Money. There's no free lunch.

  • go for it:)

  • Definitely not...I'm sorry but that's just too old...and any girl who would would be looked down upon to the rest of society and you shouldn't want that for her...

  • Try really ugly or fat girls, if you aren't really hot yourself don't expect to get a super model. Try to dress your best and work with what you have. Visit colleges, there are a lot of young women there.

  • sure they would! just don't expect to get a really good looking one though, or a really fit one...

  • 18 to 34 is a stretch, but for some reason, 22 to 38 isn't as bad (yes, I'm aware of the fact that the age difference is the same, nonetheless); I think 18 is kind of a weird age because the woman is presumably in her freshmen year of college, and she isn't really ready to commit (not I, personally). At the age of 22, however, she will have graduated college by then, and will be out in the real world; that’s definitely a better match.

    • I don't care if she works at McDonalds. As long as she is 18

  • disgusting! No offense, but I find that repulsive! Stay away from girls in that age group, in other words you come off as a pedophile

    • not really. women start to go down to infertility sag express past 30 and are nasty...

      he has every right to chase after a cute 18,19 yo

  • I gotta say the only way this is gunna work for you is if either you had money or if she was very desperate and unattractive

  • thats just disgusting

  • you're balding, fat and broke. Roofies might be your only hope. the only way you could get an 18 year old is if she was fat, insecure and on the nerdy side. she def wouldn't be one of the hot pretty ones you're probably fantasizing about.

  • Hell no!

  • Thing is, what happens if you got with an 18byr old and then she turns 20, would you dump her because you only find that particular age group attractive, cause if that's the case then, I think you need a reality check just a bit, because while I don't judge you, at the same time, gives me a bit of a better idea of what it is you want.

    I was 21 when I met my partner of 39, I am now 24 and he is 42, and he and I are the perfect match, and no younger bloke could ever change my mind on this, and I think one of the reasons this works so much with us, is that we love spending time together, but when we want our own space, because we are different in age, we can do our 'age' things.

    And NOBODY, who knows us looks down on me as bad, in fact quite the opposite, my oldest sisters who were closer to his age, thought it wouldn't last, and my mum although didn't stop me, had in the back of her mind I would see reality, AND now they love him, and my mum is more than happy for me to marry him, not that she has a say, but if she thought it were not a good idea, she would tell me. And everyone we meet never sees him as my father, not one person has asked if he is my dad, they already know he's not.

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  • dude there are legions of awkward kids who are nice... one reason that lots of 34yr olds can screw tons of how 18yo is because they have their sh*t together... looks, money, power, game, a direction in life

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