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NO experience in dating? What would you think girls?

if you met a 20 year old guy who had NO experience in dating and did not know dating etiquette and did not try to kiss you or touch you

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  • i would your either shy, not interested, playing hard to get, or taking it slowly. I mean I think I would understand if your not coming off too strong

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  • I wouldn't mind as long as it isn't "so extreme". You can show a girl that your into her in many ways without necessarily kissing or "touching" her. spending private time with her say dinner or you can do an activity that she likes together , complimenting her , small gifts etc ..things like that. If the guy doesn't do anything of that kind , I will assume that he doesn't see me that way , isn't interested or just likes to be friends ..so I will back off.

  • I would think he is shy or has social anxiety

  • Would the girl know this information? If she doesn't know about your experience she may think you're shy, trying to be respectful for not jumping her bones or that you're just not interested. But if you made another date, I'd guess the former two.

  • I would think that you were just not intresting in being in a relationship

    • he could be shy or have social anxiety you know

    • Yeah he could, but I wouldn't know that until I found out.

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