We never go out!!!

my boyfriend I never really go out, we stay in all day and all night, but sometimes I would like to be taken out, I would like to go do things, but my boyfriend will say no and blah blah blah. sometimes if we're invited as a couple, he won't even tell me about it, he'll make the decision on his own. like we were invited to a Halloween party, but he refuses to go and it's all people he knows. I don't know what to do. please give me some advice! thankyouu

i have told him that I would love for him to be with me if I go out, but he says that he dosen't go out and thts the way it is. sometimes he'll say if you don't like it then I should start looking for a new boyfriend =/


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  • Try to gently and lovingly tell him that you don't want him controlling everything. Tell him because you are a part of this relationship you have a say too. Tell him you love him and would enjoy being with him by spending time together on dates and such. It means something to you to be with him, make it evident that it can only happen when well, you are obviously doing something with him!


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  • Honestly then what's the point in being with someone that you're not happy with? Life is way too short to make others happy before you're own. But there are limits. If you haven't been involved with him for a long time, there shouldn't be any attachments. You could be so much happier with someone else. That's why opposites don't always work out together. :/