Would you allow your friends to date your relatives?

like your sister, brother, cousin?

i would, but I want to know if other people will.

does the thought of them having sex someday bother you?

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  • i prefer not to cross those lines, but you can't stop love.

    some of my friends I would definitely keep away from my sister in particular. we are more of the "bad girls/bad boys" types, kind of wild, and my sister is like good girl, to the extreme. she might fall in love with someone like me, but I could also see her getting hurt. she's rather naive and reserved, so id want to protect her from all that stuff.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Some friends, I wouldn't let them date my relatives because they're notorious heartbreakers. Of course I can't actually force them not to date each other, but I would voice my opinion, give them a speech, etc... My loyalty lies with my family first.

    Also after they break up I get to say I told you so :P

    But for other friends, I'd actually like it! I've been trying to matchmake my hot, kind cousin with my friends for years lol

    • haha OK, yeah saying I told you so feels good for some reason.

      ooo you think your cousin is hot?

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    • ?

      What, you're unable to objectively tell if your relatives are good-looking?

      Doesn't mean I want to bone him :p

    • i know ha ha I was just joking.

  • Maybe a cousin...but not my brother. If I had a decent cousin who is around our ages and is a good match for one of them, then sure.

    • ok coo.

      but why not your brother?

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    • So you're actually protecting your friend, rather than your brother.

      I guess that can go both ways.

    • I'm not protecting anybody but myself. It's not the fact that my brother could end up with a two-faced girl, but that fact that those girls would never really be my friend and used me.

  • My best friend was with my close cousin for almost 2 years. No it wasn't awkward for me since I felt comfortable with both of them. But when I got to hear about their sex life I tried to pretend like she wasn't talking about my cousin.

  • i would, but I wouldn't be comfortable with that so I voted for I wouldn't. though if they wanted to , I couldn't stop them


What Guys Said 7

  • Well you can get your ass kicked trying to tell others who they can and can't date. It is of course none of your business.

    The thought of someone not having an active sex life bothers me much more.

    • "The thought of someone not having an active sex life bothers me much more. "


  • They're going to have sex with someone.. Better my friend, whom I trust, than a stranger.

    It really doesn't bother me either way. It's life and not something anyone should worry about.

    If my friend didn't want me to date their sister I would question that friendship.

    • I never thought about it that way, but I think that's actually a really good point--it would mean that don't trust you or think you're good enough (unless his sister's crazy and he's saying no for your sake, haha).

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    • Yeah, in that case, I think you'd just warn your friend of the danger.. hahaha

    • i have haha

  • what my family members, including my sister, do outside of "my world" is none of my business...nore do I think about her getting laid and don't want to...as long as they are happy then why should you interfear...

  • Everyone's a grownup, so I don't get to tell them what to do. If someone's dangerous or a jerk, I out them. Otherwise, I shut up.

  • Like you get a vote?

    • what do you mean by a "vote"?

    • What I mean is, that one person doesn't get to choose who another person dates (assuming we're talking about adults here), family or not.

    • ah, OK yeah.

  • Depends on which friend.

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    • I should also note that there are family members I don't think good enough for some friends.

    • alright, that seems more than fair.

  • doesn't bother me