Why won't noone notice me?

Lets first off by saying that I'm a very pretty young lady and a junior in high school and it seems to me like none of the guys come up to me and like ask me out I'm friends with a lot of guys and I know that some guys like me but they won't come up too me and say it I have only been in 1 actual relationship! and that lasted about 7 or 8 months.and when guys do come up to me and try to talk to me they are either younger than me or I kno that they have a otha girl friend and I would just like to have a high school sweetheart there is a guy that I dated in 9th grade and he still kind of flirts with me and all that but he won't even ask me out. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO ME!?!


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  • First, lets start off with the fact that when you have a keyboard in front of you you shouldn't use acronyms this is not text messaging "hon" second I do believe if you're in junior high that you are in violation of Girls ask Guys Terms and Conditions and by extension Federal Law


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  • You've had a relationship - that's more than most people have had. Get over it. You're just another ugly bitch.

  • no...it kind of unavoidable attraction they have on u...but these attraction won't last longer. as you are time s good...u not getting such guys to talk with u...wait for days you will few good friends who only wish to only to u...


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  • Sometimes,young boys are simply afraid to ask a pretty girl out.

    Don't worry about this right now,focus on you,your life.

    What you want, Do you know? Your goals,if you don't have goals make a list! Seriously!

    Whatever you do ,do it well! It's ur life and it goes by quickly,so get into it!

    DREAM BIG dreams come true every day! No matter what ur circumstance is at the moment.

    Confidence out of all positive traits is the most sexy to the opposite sex!

    Don't worry about it,learn about u,see what happens!