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Okay. So this is for my friend. This guy she likes asked her to the movies. She's pretty sure its a date, but she thinks he could just be asking her as a friend. Do you think it's a date or not? They're just going to the movies, but she isn't sure what she should wear? Any ideas? thanks a bunch!

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  • If it's just the two of them, then it's more than likely a date. I prefer not to go to the movies as a first date because you'll just be sitting in darkness not really getting to know each other. I haven't personally found an alternative first date yet, but they're out there. Anyway, she should wear something cute and semi-dressy. I don't know what the weather's like where you're at, but of course take that into consideration. Here are some ideas: link The ones on the bottom left and right seem age appropriate for your age, but to each their own. link is another set of ideas she could base her outfits off of.


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  • My friend likes to say every outing is a date, just not necessarily a romantic date >.> she's weird, but cute and nice lol.

    But ya, honestly we'd have to know more about how the guy is. What his personality is (to see if he's a player or not for one) and ya...

  • That's why the girl asks right after she's asked out if its a date.

  • if he said not just as friends than it is a date

  • It could go either way, just be prepared for either one. I asked a girl to a movie once as (what I thought I made fairly clear) just friends that hadn't seen each other in a while. Apparently I didn't. I won't be doing that again. It probably is a date, I'm just saying don't jump to conclusions too soon.


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