Is a text truly clingy or needy?

I was wondering this, there are some texts that people would say are clingy, like "i miss you" or "I really want to see you", and I've gotten advice from guys saying to word it differently and be more playful.

But honestly I'd love it if the girl I'm dating would send me those texts. Sometimes I feel that instead of saying "Hey lets get together this weekend", you should say how you really feel, say

"I really want to see you, more than ever". I like to mix it up, sometimes call her a dork and open up the text with a joke, and other times I send her a heartfelt text like that.. I hope I'm doing good by showing how I really feel from time to time, and I hope she isn't seeing it as needy.

I guess it does depend where you are in the relationship. Shouldn't send strong texts like that anytime before like a fourth date I would all depends I guess.

So basically my question is, are some texts just really clingy or needy, or is it based on how much you text them or what makes a text cross the line into clingy territory?


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  • There's no rules to texting no matter what people may tell you. Its always a good thing to tell a girl how you feel but you also need to hold back a little bit if its early in the relationship. Hearing "I miss you" from a guy that a girl likes is always a nice thing but if you say "I can't go through today without seeing you, I need you" after a couple weeks of dating then that's of course going to make her feel like you depend on her. Its common sense and has nothing to do with wording.


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  • i only consider it needy if its like everyday or every hour, just don't over do it.

  • needy

  • clingy


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