Is calling a problem?

Well we were talking about phones and she said that she hates talking on the phone to guys, but that she wouldn't mind it if I called her. So a few days later I got her number and when she is giving it to me she reminded me of how she hates talking on the phone to guys umm..

What do you think I should do (call/text)?

And are there any other females who have a problem with talking on the phone to guys and why?


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  • Ahmm, how about you just text her from now on? Maybe once you guys get closer, you can ask if you can call her.

    Did you ever ask her why she has problems talking on the phone with guys specifically? I know for me I just hate talking on the phone in general, because the whole disembodied voice thing freaks me out. But, there is something weird for her to say she hates talking on the phone with guys in particular.. maybe you can just casually ask her about it?


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  • That's kind of odd.

    Texting is probably the answer though.

  • Would you rather hear her voice?