When is it good to have the first kiss in the relationship?

so, I started dating this really nice guy, who I have been friends with since first grade. and we have been though a lot together. I was just wondering when it would actually be good to have our relationship's first kiss together.


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  • I'd wait until you are ready, especially if this is your first first kiss, because once you've done it, there is no going back for another one. You'll feel a little charge in your spine as you are building up to the kiss, and when you plant your lips together, that charge will burst out, shooting up your spine and spreading to your fingertips and toes...it's a wonderful feeling.

    So don't waste it by diving straight in there. Make sure you are both comfortable and stable, and feel like you were made for each other. In some cases, it's better to wait a few weeks or months (I waited a year) before making that first kiss...once you are sure you are about to kiss your everlasting love, you should do so.

    Don't waste it. Make sure you are sure and happy in the relationship, or you'll regret it. If possible, make sure you are their first first kiss, too. :)


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  • Whenever your ready I suppose, I didn't kiss my boyfriend until we'd been together a few months and it made it more special :) doesn't mean it won't be special when you do but don't feel rushed into it

  • i don't understand. are you dating now? or just friends hangingout