Why would he not respond to this text?

me and my boyfriend had a fight cause we were both grumpy and tired and finished work at 2am the night before (we both work in diff bars).

we had an argument I was angry he wasn't calling anymore and he said I was being stupid cause I called him once a day. he said he wanted to space, and he said do I have to break up on you to get space I said no. we talked some more he hung up and I rang him back same deal. after 2 hours of cooling down. I sent him this text. and he hasn't replied in 24 hours.

"I know I deserve a lot more respect from you. I feel you know exactly what words to say to hurt me. I did nothing wrong. I would like an apology you were very harsh" xoxo

i called him at like 4:30pm the next day plently of sleep in time


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  • He said he needed time and space give him time and space. Bugging him with calls and texts (especially demanding an apology) will only make it worse. My girlfriend pissed me off so much one time I didn't talk to her for 3 days. Just give him some time to cool down and figure things out.


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  • give him time to think and let him come to you, the more you try to reach out the less he will likely respond..give it sometime and while your apart think of the situation and try not to be clingly also..both of you need time and space to grow as individuals don't pull each other down..when things clear have a long nice talk and fix the issues


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  • wait until he calls or text you back

    don't call anymore, and don't try to contact him ...if he wants a space then give him his space if you don't want a break up