How long should I wait before dating another guy?

I'm wanna break up with my boyfriend and I'm wondering how much time do I have to wait before getting into a new relationship.


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  • If you are breaking up with him than as much time as you need to be sure you don't want previous one back. When you are sure about this, you are OK to date another.


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  • i'm not judging but why are you thinking about dating a new guy wail you are still dating one? anyways an anwser to your question you have to think about your ex too. and you don't wanna make this new guy seem like a rebound. I recomend. you either wait till your ex has a new crush or girl friend or one mounth- to two mounths

    hope this helps

    • It was kinda just for fun, and it didn't mean anything. but I guess he's gonna get mad and all this crap