Jaded even before it started?

I tend to be the sort of girl who considers liking a guy when he shows interest probably because I'm too shy to make moves on men. Recently I've been talking to a dude who was attracted to me and I got a little bit interested. We've been texting and chatting online a lot like for 2 weeks but haven't actually gone out one on one, always in a group. He wants to take it slow because of past failed relationship. I agreed as I thought it would be wise too, after all I haven't been that successful either. I looked forward to his chats usually but tonight was such a big turn off. He's your average guy who likes action films and likes laser tag/ paint ball sort of stuff. I am more the less mainstream, maybe indie flick sorta gal. Tonight he went on and on about laser tag despite me doing a "oh yawn" as an indication I wasn't really into it. My interest meter was way up there and suddenly dipped. I've ALWAYS dated guys who are into films. Guys only into mainstream is a bit of a turn off for me but I can't decide if its a deal breaker. What's wrong with me? Am I already jaded before it started? They were some things about him that I liked like that he studied neuroscience in school. We also seem to have some chemistry when we meet. Should I give it more time?

Just remember I've walked with this guy sorta one on one before, think we were walking off to the train station which was a 20 min walk. Its strange but I actually feel like I am more attracted to him chatting online (before tonight that is) than chatting in person. A little confused at how I feel.


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  • Ya its differences that make relationships unique...although if you have no common interests besides physical attraction could get old quick. he may not like your movie choices or other things but he's sticking around. the guy sounds cool because he's himself and doesn't change for other people.so he likes different movies than you. who cares. I would eventually try going on a one on one date and find out more about him if he's cool with that.


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  • This might be an opportunity to show someone new things, this is what men have to deal with regularity, exposing their dates to things they haven't seen before.


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  • I'd definitely just TRY it out and see what happens.

    btw, I am the same way... a little picky, interested fast, turned off easily... but at least a respectable guy likes you, even if he seems boring or maybe mainstream. Who knows, maybe he'll take an interest to the things you like and just haven't been too exposed to them yet.

    Failing that, you haven't lost anything.