Why does he take so long to text back?

A guy and I've been texting for almost a month. He asked me about myself, we played 20 questions and so on, he seemed interested, showed signs. He even called me once and sometimes apologizes for the late reply. But now he's taking very long to text back. Sometimes it takes him hours, maximum a day, minimum 30 minutes, (except for little exceptions). He spoke about a second date after our first one but hasn't asked yet... is he really interested or just tugging at me?


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  • Your best reply to his late response is to text him, " text me later, your taking to long, I'm gonna go out" this will make him realize that your not going to wait around for his text and that you have better things to do than be in a text convo that just takes hours to get a response, and this will get him replying a lot quicker, because you told him to text you later, make sure you don't text back until he texts you, and when he does, be sarcky, like "oh hello stranger, found your thumb again then" he will probably ask what you mean and just say, he takes forever to text back, because boys do this to keep you waiting because they think it makes you more interested and they feel as if they are in control, but if you make it clear you don't put up with that, he won't take so long for sure, good luck,x


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  • i'm having similar problems :/...its really annoying. I figure if they are really interested, its not that difficult to just give ya a text or call.

  • Dont think too much into it, guys never text back right away. If you likes you enough he'll ask if not whatever.