First date, is there always a kiss?

So I'm going on a date in a couple of days with a girl I met online. We've texted a lot and seem to be getting along well.

My question is: after the date is over and I drop her off at her place, is she expecting an "end of the date" kiss? Or is that something for after the 2nd date when she might feel more comfortable? I'm worried that if I don't give her a kiss or some kind, she will think I'm not interested.

And if so, is this a peck on the lips or a full out kiss?


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  • Not always. Wait until you are absolutely sure she wants you to kiss her. You'll know when the time is right and if you don't she'll start dropping hints.


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  • It is all about the mood. If you have been touchy and really intimate through out the night then ye go for it, just might get lucky ;) but don't force it if you really like the girl it is better to take it slow than to ruin it by going to fast.

  • nah, not always. it depends on the mood, how the girl liekd the date, etc. you'll know when the times right