Stuttering problem putting off girls?

All my life I've had a stuttering problem. It's not something that happens when I'm nervous, it just happens. I can avoid doing it by faking a foreign accent (don't ask me why, but faking an accent keeps me from stuttering), but that's beside the point. I've had this problem all my life and, to be honest, I've never, ever once had a girl who I approached do anything other than blow me off. I know it's the stuttering because sometimes it gets REALLY bad, like to the point where I can't even a complete a sentence. I'm not really that insecure or anything, I just stutter. Why is this such a problem?


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  • Hey I just posted a question like this, that's funny.. I have the same problem bro. I do music and I don't stutter when I recite my lyrics but when just speaking its a different ball game. Picking up women has always been a problem, I basically stopped trying.

    There's this thing called the SpeakEasy I believe that fixes stuttering, it's expensive though. I'm saving up for one.


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  • Ha Ha Ha.You're witty, I read your response to questions! Okay, some people are just stupid and shallow. I'm not sure why this is such a problem. I've gone out with all types of guys as long as they had confidence. If a guy doesn't have self-confidence, I could never date him because I am pretty, smart and clever so there will always be other guys trying to interest me. So, do you have confidence?

    I think it's great that you can use different accents to overcome your stuttering, even if it is temporary. (LMAO- you stutter the are so funny) We are not all meant to be the same. Keep talking to different women, you will find a nice smart open girl who doesn't care about stuttering. Maybe it's your approach?

    • The approach wouldn't matter, you see having a good conversation and enticing a woman rely's a lot on timing. That timing is out of the window when you stutter.

    • Approach meaning...picking the right time to say something to a girl...if a guy that stuttered came up to me and made me smile, it wouldn't matter if he stuttered. But, I guess it's just hard for guys in general to speak to girls...lots of pressure involved. I don't stutter and I can't pretend that I can relate to your issue...You should work to overcome your uncomfortableness about stuttering. It may not bother others as much as it bothers you. IMHO krl

  • I don't know , but its never been a issue for me. I once dated a guy that stuttered , but it didn't bother me because it didn't take away one bit from who he was as a person. There are just certain things I have learned to tolerate and its a ''hold em or fold em'' situation to me. It also helps that one of my cousin's ( that I am very close with ) stuttered growing up . I don't see the problem , but I also can't speak for anyone else.


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  • do you stutter when your talking to like yourself?

    what kinda 'foreign accent'?

    • British accent, southern accent, pirate accent, etc

    • Talk with a British accent at first, then when they know you, you stutter them the truth