My crush kissed me, are we going out?

OK. So the guy I like has lied to me before. So the other night, he told me he was sorry and to make it up to me he was going to kiss me. And he did. But what I don't know is: are we going out? Because he DID say he loved me. He didn't say the kiss was a starter to a relationship. HELP?!?!?!

He told me he loved me, in case that will affect the answer.


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  • Nope. He didn't bring up the subject or ask you to be official. That kiss was nothing more than a make up kiss.

    • @your update...My answer remains the same. Instead of asking us, you need to bring this up to him.

    • KK, thanks sista. just trying to stay out of that awkward question one, but I guess I hav no choice.


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  • no.. trust me you will know when you are going out. he will be very verbal about it and make it clear. just sounds like a kiss to me

    • If that's true then my crush is a phyco. You don't kiss someone to say sorry. You just say sorry! Kissing someone to say sorry sounds rather slutty to me.

  • If it hasn't said it then its not official you can do a lot of things and even possibly feel a certain way.And that may not actually be what that person wants.

  • Sounds like he was just trying to reconcile.Thats all.Doesnt seem like nothing more or nothing less.However,you have to wait and see what happens next to be continued.

    • It's a little confusing, see. He knows I like him, so why didn't he just ask me out, then kiss me to prove he meant it? I have no idea. I think I'll ask him. Thanx a lot, sista.