A girl text me after talking for one day. is this good or bad?

i got a text like the tittle says, and it said '' oi loser! you want to meet tonight?'x'' does this come across as desperate to you? or is it just me, I asked why she wanted to meet so suddenly, and she basically said why waste time. what are some good things to do on a first date with her? nothing boring though


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  • She obviously likes you, I don't know about desperate though. Maybe she's just anxious to see you? If you like her then give it a shot. Movie dates are boring,but that's the best way to go if you want to play it safe. You should go somewhere where you can talk and get to know each other better. Maybe out for a frozen yogurt or a starbucks coffee? That way you can have time to talk and if it gets awkward,you won't have to be stuck there that long. good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • What's the big deal if you think it comes off as desperate? Do you like the girl? Are you flooded with options that you can be so choosy? Get real.