Best way to act after first date?

ok, the title says it all. all I want to know is should I act not bothered, even though I really like her?

we kissed and held hands, she basically told me we should meet again Monday or tuesday, and she would think of something totally awesome to do. how should I communicate with her? reply straight away when she texts me? or wait, I want to know the best possible things to do please?


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  • Remember not to put all your cards on the table. Be yourself, but stay a bit distant. You don't want her thinking that she can have you anytime she wants or that she can have anything she wants from you. You don't want to smoother her but you also don't want to stop communicating with her. Show your interest, but also have a life. Don't call or text all the time and don't immediately reply to her like you were waiting by the phone like a puppy waiting for you to come in the door. Make another date and make it a fun outing somewhere where things get interesting and so both of you can loosen up. The more fun and comfort you have in person, the easier things become. You are not a couple so you have no obligations and neither does she. Just go with the flow. Don't put her on a pedestal by saying she looks good all the time or telling her that she is great 24/7. Thinking leads to over thinking. Most of all, don't tell her your whole life story or else you will run out of things to talk about. Stay interesting, be a mystery, stay on your toes, don't spill your feelings, don't cater to her like she is the only thing out there, have a good time, show man qualities, and no matter what move forward.

    • what if you kinda did some stuf like tell her she looks great and you was thinking about her blah blah!

      she doesn't want someone who is stuck up, maybe if I ignore one of her texts and wait for a second one? I am talking to other woman, so ill keep myself busy with that :)

    • Stop praising her. Let me put it this way. Someone can like steak as their favorite food, but if you have it every meal you will get tired of it. Even if you talk about it all the time everyone else will get sick of hearing it to the point when it becomes annoying. Don't wait for a second text, just don't reply seconds after you get a text, wait minutes or maybe hours.

    • awesomly put man! cheers


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  • HI AGAIN ADDICT0709! \(^^)/ Acting not bothered, I think, isn't really the best approach :S Some gals get really 'grr! >:[' if you do that. Maybe act not bothered about slight few things :) But definitely don't ignore everything unless you've already wrote your will XD

    Glad you found another gal! :D :)

  • Don't play games. If you're interested, show her. Just don't overdo it and blow up her phone 24/7. If she sends you a text, respond as soon as you can.


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  • What you do not want to do Is ignore her , or play hard to get. Later on maybe , but not after the 1st date. Text her back when she texts you , think of something to say. Compliment her on something she did or wore , or that she looked really good that night or that I love your smile. Shore it's corny and stereotypical , but hey , it works.