Should I date her even though there's this problem?

OK so there's this girl I've known her since I was in middle school, we've always been pretty good friends.we lost contact after middle school until a few months ago.its been 8 years and were still really good friends, I recently found out she has a kid now a 1 year old. I've always liked her but never acted on it cause up until recently I was highly un-confident. she recently confessed to me that she has always liked me and really wants to be with me.the babies father is still in the picture and there would be a sh*t load of baby daddy drama and id probably end u[p fighting him all the time. but I really like this girl, should I just put up with the bull sh*t and be with her or should I not even bother? please help I'm really torn on this one cause my friends are just giving me bias answers I need some help from someone or people who aren't gonna be stupid about the questions


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  • do you love her? do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? do you want to raise her child? does the sun shine out of her ass?

    if you said yes to all these questions, then the temporary baby daddy drama will be worth it.


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  • don't bother. I'd be like "In the Bedroom" and you don't want that drama. What happens if he physically hurt you? Find a nice girl who isn't full of drama. I'm sure at your age there are a lot of girls who do not have a baby.

  • ask yourself... if you really really really really really really like this girl would you be in the baby daddy drama because you care about her ? could I be mature if the baby daddy starts problems and solve it before it gets out of hand ?


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