Dating an 8 with long term prospect or a 9.5 just for a little while?

my bff and I are interested in the same guy. I am a relationship kinda girl. I think this guy and I could be together for awhile. we are already good friends. my bff never dates guys for more than a month, but she will sleep with them right away.

we talked to the guy and he said he likes both of us. he also rated us. he gave me an 8 and my bff a 9.5.

he promised to pick one of us by friday. who do you think it'll be?


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  • ...and this guy is How old?


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  • *smacks forehead*

  • Sorry to say... But if he is the kinda guy that rates girls like that (unless you asked for that)... My guess would be that he'd pick her and try to rebound with you.


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  • He knows he's in a position of power here and he'll abuse it without doubt.

    I mean look at it this way: he's already admitted he likes you both, and he has rated your best friend higher than you.

    Would you honestly still be cool dating him if he chooses you, knowing that he likes her too?

    I'd forget about him, pronto. Then if he does "pick" you, you'll have the satisfaction of being able to tell him to blow it out his arse. Someone who messes with best friends like this is not worth your time at all.

    He needs to grow the hell up.

  • I would say the one rated the highest? Haha

    But really with all due respect, I think he should pick neither or I guess you BOTH should forget this guy because a guy shouldn't come between two best friends. And a guy who rates (in front of you) girls shouldn't be worth your time.

    If you both cherish your frendship (like I hope you both do), then please don't get involved with this guy.

    And why is he waiting till Friday anyway? Why couldn't he just say so right away? Weird, oh well.