Social Network Flirtation?

I get a lot of posts and stat responses from different guys on FB, some have even sent me private messages. I'm currently in a situation with someone and I want to see where it goes and I don't "play" around, I'm a one-man type of woman. I was upfront with these guys from the get-go about my relationship status but they keep it up. Sometimes its just plain playful but a few times they have gotten really carried away and they guy that I'm "dating" has commented on my stats in a subtle way and even text me one time when this guy wouldn't lay off.

Guys, does it not matter if a girl tells you that she's interested in someone else as long its not official? And do you think playful back and forth flirting on FB is okay?


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  • well as long its not offcial it doesn't matter... well that my opinion :P


What Girls Said 1

  • u still talk to him/?