Why doesn't he text me anymore?

me and my boyfriend have been together 3 months at first he would text first and it would b everyday now he don't text at all unless I text him its been like this for about 2 weeks now...its not a huge deal cause when we are together we get along great but its just when we are apart it seems he isn't interested...he will text back when I text him but if I don't I won't hear from him all day or even the next...so basically I was wondering is he losing interest in me or is he comfortable in our relationship enough that he don't need to text me anymore unless I feel like talking and say something first...to test to see if he cares instead of saying goodnight I love you I just say goodnight and he will text back goodnight babe I love you then ill return the I love you so if he wasn't interested or didn't want to be with me then he wouldn't say that...so basically since he isn't txting me is that a really big deal or just nothing


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  • Try not to text him today and see what he will do who knws maybe he will and if he really loves you he will text or call you at least da 2nd day.

  • some people just don't like to text. Ask him what his favorite way of communicating is. for me, it is hanging out in person. For my husband, it is probably emails or skype. When on the phone, I want to get off in less than 5 min, and when texting I text maybe once a day and only to tell my husband what to do (like come pick me up).