Guys would you date a girl who has juvenile diabetes?

would you be intimidated, weirded out, or think its cool? could that one thing stop you from dating someone? if you did date someone with it would you be worried or just let them take care of it themselve?


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  • As said, who cares? Diabetes isn't any reason to not date someone.

    Although this question did make me wonder something. How do people that need constant insulin injections with those monitor things have sex? lol

    • you mean the insulin punp? they probably take it off like they do when they go swimming :)

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    • I know it's low blood sugar. ha ha I meant like getting dizzy or something.

    • well there are a lot of side effects, getting hyper, jittery, headaches, light headed, etc.


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  • from one diabetic to another, drop the juvinille part. most people think of diabetes as something you get when you don't take care of yourself. you usually have to explain the difference between type 1 and type 2. adding the word "juvenile" in there confuses the sh*t out of people even more. anyways good luck! it won't be a reason to not date anyone else

  • Who cares? It's just diabetes.

    • yeah but most people start acting funny when ever I tell them I have it. I was just wondering

    • One of my friends has it, he has to do that thing with the injector every so often. I've never heard anyone say anything about it.

    • well with me people either look at me funny or ask if they can watch,

  • unless juvenile diabetes is an STI...ur pretty much covered ;P

    • its not its when your pancreas stops producing insulin

    • i don't think you get that it was a joke...damn now you made me look stupid XD

    • sorry I usually have to explain it to people, its a serious question though

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  • My brother has it. I really don't think it's a big deal, he takes care of it himself and has an insulin pump. I doubt any guy would turn you down for something you have no control over like that. If he does then he's a douche and you deserve better.

  • I would date a girl CAUSE she has juvenile diabetes. Hell yeah.