Should I call him back and hope he isn't busy and risk being blown off again?

So there's this guy. We've been texting pretty frequently. One night, he asked if he could call me but I was doing something so I said "no." I was out of town this past weekend and decided that I would call him because we hadn't talked. I called him and he was very short with me. I did call him at an inconvienent time as he was dirt bike riding but he just didn't seem like he wanted to talk even if he wasn't busy. My question is this: Should I call him back and hope he isn't busy and risk being blown off again? Or, should I just text him when I'm back home?


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  • I would call him while you are on your trip, you shouldn't be afraid to. Just say you had a few moments traveling and all and you thought of him. Don't worry about it, guys just sometimes go through periods of being out of their elements occasionally. I do think you are reading into it just a little much, but it's safe to say he was disappointed after you guys couldn't get together and do something. Just relax, if he like you a phone call from you is always a pick-me-up.


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  • If he really liked you, then he would be cool with it. If not, then he's not the right guy. But, if he was just going through a tough time, then that also might be the case. Or he might be insicure because he might of thought at that moment you didn't like him. Call him, AND text him when you get home. Tell him what happened and why you couldn't call him. He will understand you if he really likes you. Hope this helps!