Any good ice breakers?

what are good ways to break the ice. and keep things from gettign awkward when you're withsomeone you Haven't seen in a while and you guys text all the time


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  • Identify topics that interest both of you, and make conversation out of these topics. People tend to talk more when it's a topic that interests them.


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  • It's hard to transition from written communication to face-to-face interaction with a person when there's been some time in between seeing them. One way to break the ice is to go somewhere or do something that requires little conversation, like the movies. Another way to decrease the awkwardness of the situation would be to talk about something you both feel good discussing, whether that's music, summer plans, family, or school/work. You'll have to experiment to see what feels the best to you and makes the situation more comfortable. One things for sure, though: the more time you start to spend together, the more natural and less tense it'll be when you hang out.