Meeting a girl from online... first date suggestions?

I've been using one of the more popular online dating sites recently. I've been emailing back and forth with a girl on there for a couple weeks now. I initiated the first contact, and I feel like it's almost time to ask to meet in real life. The idea of a dinner and movie seems too much for the first time meeting someone from online. In the past I typically have met girls from this site at the corner coffee shop and just chat a bit, but that seems rather weak and unimaginative to me... the girls seem to have been less than impressed as well. What's a good activity or place to go? I don't want too much for the very first time. Something fun that will let me get to know her, but not be creepy or over the top.


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  • With online encounters is almost exclusively coffee places... then for a second date or something then you can probably try different location


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  • If you HAVE to do this, play it safe, go somewhere with a lot of other people around, and don'thave an agenda for the date. Just talk and see what you think of each other in 'real time.'