Why did I not feel bad after he left?

A guy I just met this weekend from online, I acted crazy with towards the end after being his dream woman. We were drinking wine and I had too much and started to talk about my pain with guys, crying yet he held me but I was venting. So I thought maybe he lost interest in me after knowing I have pain still so I purposely pushed him away after a great weekend together because I was mad at myself for letting him see me like that although he kept saying he still wanted me, I didn't believe him. I was being very negative So the next day I was feeling bad as I was taking him to the airport but after I dropped him off, I immediately felt nothing like the bad feeling was gone. Do you know why that happened? Was I not that into him but just embarrassed by how I acted?


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  • You've numbed yourself to the pain. Usually because of something else that's happened before. Don't worry it will hit you like a train later.

    • but I was already feeling bad. Why would that just immediately go after he leaves? I didn't really know this guy. I was just with him for 3 days and he was different but I wasn't that physically attracted to him

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    • Well, I guess you aren't that bad. But, what do I care? I'm glad I'm not that guy.

    • yeah he was upset that I started to act like that because he really did like me. I've done this before and was actually worse but its good I know that I still have some more work on myself to do. trust me, I hate when I get like that but its almost like I'm feelin sorry for myself. I gotto stop that

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  • You didn't have real feelings for him!

    • ok that's what it was because when I did somethin like that but worse before with a good guy we dated for like 2 weeks and I made him wait for the sex and I saw him everyday almost so when I pushed him away I really felt so bad and regretful but this guy it was a mild feeling and once he left my car, I felt OK but at the same time I wish I didn't act that way.

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    • I didn't. He was just a good guy and hated that I acted up (I thought I wasn't like that no more) but naw 3 days is not long enough too feel a thing.

    • I tottally agree :)