I'm 23 and never had a relationship. Where should I look to find a nice girl?

I'm quiet and pretty shy but sometimes I think I'd make a good boyfriend for someone out there. I just find it so hard to approach girls and tend to get nervous around them. I occassionally go out to bars etc with a few friends but I know that a lot of the time girls there expect a guy to be after only one thing and its difficult to talk properly anyway because of music etc.

What kind of places can a quiet guy meet a girl who might be looking for a relationship?


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  • Ask your family or friends or those whom you sort of talk to (dentist, barber) whatever, that you are single and looking and ask them if they know of a good girl whom will be a good match for you and see if you can get her number or if you can get her email or something and reference them as a common person you both know. Or you can find old friends on Facebook and then look through their friend list and write messages to potential single people you find (Facebook usually has a status that they can put as single or not on it, some people don't use it but some do!) and then see if they are near by and would like to do something that you like to do also.

    also if you really are trying to look for a nice girl, you might want to try NOT going to the bars or clubs because I hear that those girls (or most of those girls) are sort of slutty and would probably like a dangerous lifestyle, not the type to clean the house and be an accountant... just saying.


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  • glad I'm not alone

  • Be creative man! In my experience, bars don't work for me (I am quiet). Try something you never would do. Ie: Salsa dancing/bachata lesson's, perhaps join a club, volunteer somewhere, etc.