Picking Up Chicks Online??

So there's a website I use that allows you to ask people questions, and practically all the attractive girls on there get a lot of questions everyday, there have been a number of chicks that I've "questioned" that but it never really seems to go anywhere, most of the chicks that are even somewhat attractive mainly get hit on all day, so I think their egos are super boosted to the point that they might just think there too good for a guy like me, hell maybe they are, I personally never hit on these chicks I just talk to them like normal people, so my question is, how can I know when to try to ask for their phone number? granted that most of the ones I talk to turn down a lot of guys who ask for it? I sorta think I should try to build some kind of relationship first but I don't know how to tell when its enough to try for more...


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  • I know you are asking about getting a number, but I hope you aren't calling the women, chicks, online :-) Most women do not like to be referred to as chicks. Also, I hope your online pictures are not of you with your shirt off. Even if you have a nice/decent body, it still gives off a creepy vibe. Otherwise, you really should be yourself, so you meet someone you will get along with. So, I know that negates what I just said (lol). As far as getting a number goes, just establish a conversation a few time and then ask for it.

    Honestly I did the online thing a little while ago and most men didn't even ask me for my number. They just went right for the meet-up. It usually ony took about a week of conversation. Then if I agreed, they would email me their number the day before in case I needed to contact them (and I would send them mine).

    Every person is different. I hated the phone thing. Some woment want to do it first.

    The first time I put my profile online (few years ago), I had hundreds of emails in my inbox the next day! There was no way I was going to have conversations with all of those guys. So I narrowed it down a lot by picking only guys that met my criteria to at a "T." I am sure the guys knew the competition was tough (so to speak) and that is why they asked me out, probably a little sooner than otherwise. Good luck


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  • so I think their egos are super boosted to the point that they might just think there too good for a guy like me

    because they're not interested it equals big ego

    wow how guys handle rejection

    just ask for their #


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  • If your going for a number, whether in life or on the internet, have a reason to go after it in the first place which is engaging for both parties.. I.e. don't just ask for her number cause she talked to you and you think she's hot... Instead, try to build a fun conversation and if she seems like the type of girl you would like to date eventually - ask for her number. You could do so directly or indirectly, it doesn't really matter as long as you ask.. Because the response will be the same either way, you either will get a "yes" or a "no" depending on the PREVIOUS feelings she has about you. So make sure to have fun, be yourself, and to have a good conversation just for your own amusement. If she takes to it, and you think she's a cool girl, give it a whirl and see where things go.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Just ask for their number. Reading "No" is a lot easier than hearing it. Building a relationship first sounds great, if you can.

  • Your profile picture probably creeped them out haha