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He says he misses me but doesn't call?

So me and this guy have been seeing each other for 6 months we live about 30 min away from each other but it was hard to find time to actually see... Show More

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  • WHOA WHOA Okay, it's as much a lack of communication as it is mis communication. The problem with the whole...he called last or she texted first and now its her turn or my turn is that this is not a game of tennis where you know for sure it's your turn. He is probably thinking about you but he is not calling because something happened, and to find out what that something is, you should initiate a text or phone call. Guys love it when girls text out of the blue, it makes us feel like studs and when we don't reply right away you can bet we are probably sitting there trying to find something interesting or witty to say. It's much harder for a guy to text and call than it is for a girl, because not only do girls say stupid sh*t all the time on the phone but sometimes they are very boring and girls can get away with it. A guy has to keep the conversation alive and can't afford to let the conversation hit a dead end. So I wouldn't worry so much about whether you should call or not, just pick up the phone and I'm sure that that's enough to get things flowing once again. You can say something like "hey, my clock says you only have 10 minutes left to text me back, better take advantage" <--this doesn't even make sense but it doesn't have to, it sounds interesting enough to prompt a reply or you can say "hey I called your phone company and they said your phone works, so give me a buzz" or "my pillow misses all the cuddling we used to do, wht don't you come here and give my pillow some company" or "its been two weeks since you last swept me off my feet" or "thanks for leaving me heart broken for 2 weeks Romeo" I mean the possibilities are endless...you can even say (drumroll) "give me a call"

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