Will he really miss me?

i walked with my crush to the coffee shop and when we got back I said bye and walked away and he said ill miss you. it didn't sound sarcastic, but was he just saying it or what?


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  • i don't know. I odn't know him or you or what kind of relationship you guys have. it can go either way


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  • At least its nice to hear it. I've asked this girl on a few ocassions if she is going to miss me and she says no, even after saying to other people that she will miss them, so even if he was lying, its nice.


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  • were they going somewhere for a certain amount of time (traveling, trip?) or was this a cya later kind of incounter?

    • it was a see you later type of thing

    • aww that's cute

      i would think so, that is a pharse that pple don't use to often.

      i don't tell a guy I have no feelings towards that I will miss him, basically I would say your on his mind.