How much talking is too much talking?

This is a question for boy and girls both. Before entering a relationship where you both vaguely know you like each other, but it is still in its flirting stage, how much talking is too much talking? Should you talk every day, for hours? Every day for an hour or so? Every other day? What is usually your limit?


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  • You know that your talking too much if you are running out of things to say and the conversation isn't flowing. So talking for like 8 hours a day could be perfectly fine whereas in some situations just over a hour is too much.

  • Well, for me, there really isn't a to much talking limit. That's probably because almost anyone can ask me any thing and I will answer it, so that really keeps the conversation interesting. I remember ALWAYS texting this guy and he would ask me all sorts of stuff! As in who I liked, interests, and so much more! We had to have texted for hours! I guess it just depends who you are. :D