Girls: don't you know guys want what they can't have?

while this isn't a generalization. I'm speaking for most guys out there. yes, men are like women in that we want what we can't have. in fact. if I see a girl I like with another guy it makes me go ballistic. I've dated girls that we're unattractive simply because I was trying to attract the good looking ones and girls don't say you disagree when I say you want guys who are taken most of the time. anyway yeah, get with a guy that you know the guy you like, can't stand and see how he reacts. lol. yes, this could be seen as jealousy but many people see it as just "playing the game" of love


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  • This is true but I am sad to say it is, if two people are interested it would be nice if we could just say that and go out in stead of palying all these games. if we dint act like this I don't think this site would be in existance.


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  • K, if I see a guy that's HOT with an unattractive (or attractive girl), yeah, he may get my attention if he doesn't seem like a total douche.

    But not even close to "most" taken guys would make me (or other women) want them. It depends on how attractive the guy is and how he comes off personality wise. Just sayin.

  • Yes, we may like the qualities in a taken man as in he has stability. Whether he's attractive or not. But we certainly DON'T want a taken man, there's a huge difference.

  • haha I love how you think. yay I'm not the only bad person on here :)

  • I know that. Fat guys want hot women without thinking about making themselves more attractive.


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  • I would never date a girl I didn't like on the premise of attempting to get a better looking girl. I don't believe for one second it would work either.

  • From a study by Oklahoma State University women were shown a picture of a man. Half of them was told that he was single, and the other half that he was in a relationship.

    59 % of the women who rated the single was interested in pursuing a relationship with the guy.

    90 % of the women who rated the other guy was interested in pursuing a relationship the guy.

    • This doesn't mean women want taken guys PER SE. Christ, this is what's wrong with media reporting "scientific" studies - they don't know SHIT about science.

      This study could VERY WELL mean that women like men that demonstrate being capable of commitment and being capable of being able in a relationship. As opposed to being a philandering fratboy.

    • The scientists did point out the reasons you're stating, but I still think it is an interesting study and I guess it provoked you a little :)

    • It only provoked me in the sense that I don't like it when scientific studies, especially on subjects that are not readily quantifiable, get quoted out of their full context. I'm a woman and this study would generalize unto me that I like married/taken men. Not true! Though I suppose I can't deny it's interesting, as long as they DID entertain other interpretations of their results ...