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We've been dating for a couple of months. He's pretty cool, I;ve met all his friends, he's met mine, we've integrated our friend groups so that everyone actually likes each other. We usually hang out once during the week and then on the weekends but lately I feel like I'm always initiating contact. He is shy and he's told me before that he really likes me but has a history of getting his heart broken. he said he will hang out with me any time I want to hang out with him, but this means I always have to call. Is this normal? I like boys to call me, chase me. He always answers right away when I call and we always make plans and have a great time together, but there have been times when I said I'd call and then I forgot and he got really hurt, so I'm thinking there's a fear of rejection going on with him and calling me? Sorry for the long confusion, basically.why does he always want me to be the one to call, when it seems like he wants to hang out just as much as I do? Maybe I'm missing something.


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  • He's definitly shy, and if he has a history of heartbreak then he's only that much more paranoid. I have a similar problem, it's not so much insecurity it's just that after it happens enough times (or doesn't have enough chances to happen) at least a few guys get worried that they're never going to meet the right girl and get increasingly nervous about offending them.

    He wants you to make first contact, he probably won't do it himself because he's afraid of annoying you or driving you away.


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  • Ok well I know where your comin from but I know that when my girl initiates contact I feel really good and it makes you feel like someone really likes you and wants to be with you. Maybe his past girlfriends broke up with him because he was too clingy or called too much or something. It will take time but I think eventually he will get the idea and contact you. just takes patience ;-)

  • Sounds like a lack of communication. I had the same problem when I was younger. Now I am 25 and all you need to do is tell each other about how you feel about the situation and if he is mature enough he will understand. If you do not call him and try to let him call you then you will just be playing games and that is not good either. Tell him how you feel about.

    • Yeah, I am so done with playing games with guys, it's dumb and at this point we really shouldn't be playing mind games. I really like this guy, so I'm just going to talk to him about it, hopefully it works out, thanks everyone :)

  • Get out while you can, he is too insecure, think about it, what if you guys date for a while then something happens and you have to break up? how would he take that. Talk to him about it and set him straight or leave.


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