Did I Make The Right Choice?

So there's a girl that I've talked on and off with for a few months online, when I asked her if she wanted to meet up she told me she doesn't meet up with people she's met on the internet, I still kept talking to her, eventually got her number and her Facebook, but it didn't seem all that much of a difference, she still has guys flirting with her all the time and she seems to sort of ignore me, I got sick of it and sorta went off and then just removed her from my friends, waited until today (a month or 2 later) and then asked her if she even noticed I was gone and she just said "yep" so I messaged her "I'm sorry but I had to burn the bridge, I did kinda have a bitch fit before I removed you, so I'm sorry about that too, you clearly just want to be friends, and I clearly want more, I refuse to be categorized with the other guys you talk to online and further more, I could pretend like I just want to be friends like I'm sure some of the other guys you know are, but I feel like that would be wrong, and I refuse to lower myself to that level, besides that, it would never really work with you working 27 hours a day and the fact that you live like 8 million miles away and I lack a drivers license, so this is goodbye then, you take care of yourself" all she said back was "Ok ttyl then" I like her but clearly I'm thinking I made the right choice, and I'm sort of regretting it I think because I'm sorta getting desperate and running out of options, I'm not horrible bad looking, I'd definitely say I'm a step above any of the guys I've ever seen hitting on her, and she is really attractive, I just find her hard to read.


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  • You made the right choice. There's bound to be way more girls who are interested in you. Online things are always hard, so don't take it personally.

    Don't get desperate, there's tons of girls out there, just keep asking them out until you find one you get along with. Don't let this one experience get you down.


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  • yes you are

  • yeah, deleting here was a good idea. you don't want to chase anyone that isn't really interested. besides, she lives far away? that never works. plus, you only run out of options when you give up. someone else will come around soon


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