I hate hanging around people and going to parties

i just don't like it. it kinda disgusts me. like, even going to a halloween party that's coming up tomorrow. any advice on how to make it more bearable?

thanks for ll of your comments. people can still make comments if they want for other parties and stuff (like, Frat parties, Spring Break, etc.). I would like to know cause sometimes I want to go and other time I don't because they're too intense.


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  • 1. Drink up

    2. Hook up

    in that order


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  • surround yourself with people you enjoy hanging out with.if your not into drinking and stuff you don't have to just be social and try to be open to the party, you might have a good time.

  • then do something you like!

  • Don't go! Why would you? you don't seem like you would be any fun to be around, so why ruin it for everyone else at the party? Stay home! Nobody likes Debbie Downer!

    • And nobody likes a rude person

    • Not rude, sweetie, just keeping it real!!

    • Even it is/was true, you could at least be a little less rude, blunt and insensitive. Part of the reason there are depressed people in the world is because of people like you making them feel more unwanted. If you were truly optimistic, you would have suggested something else to do like everyone else did.