What would make your perfect 1st date?

A few of you might prefer a romantic and relaxed date full of compliments, others a more exciting adventurous with a few surprises, I have experienced both types before as 1st dates, and I do have to say that it depends in the girls personality too, but I prefer to go for the romantic ones at first with a nice view, like a sunset, looking at the stars or at the moon both of us at the same time, and a place for two that we could call our own, with that being the first date of course with the ones to follow I usually kick it up a notch and bring a more adventurous side.

Now I'm just wondering: What would make your 1st date an unforgettable one?


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  • I prefer adventure and going to places I haven't been to before. If we do go where I have been, I hope he'll make it enjoyable.

    The key is that the two are able to connect. I love it when I can talk about things with him and we click, intellectual, and other meaningful talk. Not just banter or I tire easily of pure superficiality.

    Depends on what the girl likes but I Love to go to places with water-waterfountain, waterfall, oceans, beaches etc. adventurous is definitely good.

    • truly I remember going to a 5 mile hike at the place she chose to, it wasn't around the city where I live but in the valley:) it made me feel really good since I enjoy nature and being away from the city from time 2 time, we took a waterfall trail(there are a few trails you can choose from)seeing her ready to get a little dusty and wet from crossing the river gave me another perspective of her and it was nice:) at the end it wasn't a big deal of a waterfall but it was worth it, plus she made time fly

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  • That alone sounded unbelievably romantic and exciting in its own way. Oh you must be such a chick magnet.

    • Well actually, I suppose stars and all would be wonderful for maybe a third date. It's best to have fun the first few dates to brake the ice and see how well you two click before getting all romantic.

    • yes, breaking the ice is important, earning the trust and all in between, nothing better than to have a good laugh huh ;p and avoid those awkward silent moments that sometimes comes up at the beginning while getting to know someone new lol and thank you about the chick magnet :)

  • Sleeping.

  • Adventurous! fun fun fun! Get talking and laughing. WAY better. Also being a gentlemen and cute hehe

  • Your body would make the best first date...


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