How can I detach myself?

I've been talking to this guy for awhile, it's obvious he cares about me. But the only problem is I think he's afraid of commitment... he always says he's "not sure" what he wants; and to me that means that he wants to keep me around and if something better comes along it will be easy for him to get rid of me. Would you guys agree? I need to separate myself -- I know I need to -- but whenever I try to distance myself he comes on even stronger! I don't get it, he keeps saying he thinks we would be good together but he doesn't "know what he wants"... ugh what should I do? Should I distance myself? If so how should I go about separating myself? thanks guys..


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  • i say you lay it all out on the table. your not a 2nd choice and he has to choose if he wants only you or nobody because your better than that and you can do much better for yourself.