Is she interested, or was she just being nice?

This girl comes into where I work occasionally. She's always pretty friendly and smiles at me and says how are you, but I always attributed it to her just being a nice person. Today she came in and ended up staying in the store for like an hour because she had a problem she needed resolved. I helped her resolve it, though there wasn't any flirting really because she was pretty upset, though did keep saying thank you to me for helping her and she knows the problem wasn't my fault. When everything was done, she gave me a smile and said thank you so much for helping me. As she was leaving I kind of walked with her to the door and we were smiling, kind of laughing at the ordeal. She said "well, I guess I won't be seeing you anymore", due to the outcome of the problem she had and I said "yeah, too bad". She then told me where she worked, a bar in town, and that if I ever wanted to come by I could have a drink on her. So was this just another way of her being nice, or is there something more? I also have her number which I got from helping her, but she never gave it to me on anything more than a 'customer-employee' basis, unless she wanted me to have it anyway. How should I approach this?


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  • Yeah, she definitely gave you a green light! Don't call her because that's not an appropriate way to have received the number, but go by the bar after work or something.

  • if that was me, I would TOTALLY BE GIVING YOU AN OPEN DOOR. go for it now


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