Should I stay with the one I'm dating or go with the other?

So I'm currently dating this guy but I just found out that the guy I fell for 3 years ago and I honestly believe I'm in love with, fell for me and I just don't know what to do. Should I stay with the one I'm dating or go with the other HELP!


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  • Really, we can't help you decide this, its something you have to look deep in your heart about and decide. Which do you feel you love most? Which treats you best? Which do you feel better and happier with? :)Thing like that...To be honest, to me it seems like you love the guy you aren't currently dating more, but make sure you think carefully and think with your heart :D Good luck!

    • YAY BEST ANSWER! XD XD Thanks! :D Did you choose a guy? Did I turn out well? :o


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  • no one can answer this except you. you know yourself, you know the guys, what do you think is best