23 never had a date?

Im 23, I've never been on a proper date, never have a boyfriend. I had a bit of 'fun' with a guy from work but he didn't want to date me. I thought this other guy liked me but turns out he just liked me as a mate.

I don't think I am every gunna be with anybody and it makes me so sad. Most people take relationships for granted and do from one person to the next but I can't get have one.

Im not ugly, I'm funny, nice and know I'm a good person I'm kinda shy but I'm getting better with that but somethings gotta be wrong with me somewhere..?



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  • Perhaps you have a more masculine brain? By that I mean you seem to get on well with guys around you. They might be looking at you as one of the guys/mates. A change of style / hair could make them think again.

    Join a new club...do some activities...try speed dating...online websites...ask your friends to suggest guys...23 is waaaaayyyyy too young to give up! :P

    Chin up and you'll be fine. It happens when you least expect it!


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  • Know the feeling! Wanna date? :)

  • I'm 23 and never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, I hate how us guys always have to initiate


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  • well you don't have to struggle like a lot of guys do because you don't have to initiate

  • well just be nice and make the guy feel like he is wanted or "hot" or something. I mean, just make yourself look hot yourself and then go out and meet people and be nice to them. Maybe you'll meet someone through one of your new girl friends, that's how it was with me. And also look at self help books on dating if you really need some help.

    don't seem too desperate also, and always seem happy and fun. Be nice and look beautiful and you should be good to go.

    Also be independent. At 23 you should have your own car, place and a good job.

    I didn't date until I was 23 and I was fine, and I got married within a year so it's fine to be 23 and never had a real boyfriend.