Online dating secret, should I keep this secret from my friends?

I been meeting these hot guys and my best friend wanted to know where I meet them so I just make it up and say mutual friends. I'm 19 and I'm not ugly in fact I have been told I'm gorgoeus its just online dating has got me curious. I have not yet dated anyone I met online just surprised I see a lot of hot guys online. I think most people who post online are stereotyped as ugly geeky introverts but I am far from the opposite. But does anyone know any other ways to meet hot guys? Its just I'm shy and I was just curious

I meant I am not ugly


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  • "...but I am far from the opposite.". You ARE an ugly, geek introvert? You meet hot guys by approaching them. If you're gorgeous, it shouldn't be a problem. Not everyone online is an ugly geek although when they're using an online dating site, you can assume they have something preventing them from meeting people in real life or have something detouring people that you'll have to find out about later.

    • yea I'm not ugly guys call me hot, and I do approach guys

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