Should I call her, text her, or wait for her to do those things? What should I do in this situation?

So I met a girl on the subway 2 weeks ago, got her number, and when one week later I texted her, she said "I remember you cutie :)" and we texted a little more, but then it ended Because she was at work. She works right near my place. So I stumble into the store and we talk the next day, and we text two days later for over an hour. She mentions inviting me to her place when she has a bbq, then asks me how old I am. I tell her I'm 22, she then asks me to guess her age, and after I do, she says "I might be a little old for you," I'm like "that's not a number," she says she's 30 and has kids. However, I tell her it doesn't have to be serious, "we can have funnnn" she's like "haaaa your a funny dude," but then asks me questions about myself, like what I like to do. The text ends later that day (Friday), and we didn't talk this weekend. Today I went into where she works to see if she would run into me, she didn't. What should I do next? Should I call her, text her, or wait for her to do those things?

I really only want a hookup, obviously it can't be a serious relationship because she IS 30 and I'm 22, and she has kids. But she has shown interest.


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  • I say just go to a club.. and get a hookup. I'm pretty sure you don't want all her extra baggage.

    • I try to go to bars and I never come out with anyone. I'm 5'1'', so coming across anyone interested is very hard.

    • I'm tryin to get a hookup from her. I'm thinkin maybe she could be interest because she is stressed and single and I'm so near where she works, and she did indicate attraction to me.

    • Ohh.. I would say just go to Hawaii.. cause there's a upper amount of really short people there

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  • She sounds like she wants something serious, and you don't. Considering she has kids, That's a big package, Are you ready for that? It's best If you move on, on the the next one.


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  • just try to hv a good f*** nothing more than tht...and fr tht you hv to make a good impression about you in front of him...and you should hv patience for this...